The Gods, Genes and Climate story.

There is only one true story of mankind - the real story. It must be possible to create a story that fits with all that we know to be true, that also satisfactorily explains all the mysteries.

All written histories are an approximation to the truth, they are theories about what happened and why. Just as scientific theories may be incomplete and need modification, so do historical and archeological theories.

An otherwise successful scientific theory can be brought down by small inconsistencies and observations that it cannot explain. Sometimes these cause a theory to be amended, but sometimes they cause a theory to be abandoned and replaced by a new and better theory.

Instead of ignoring uncomfortable facts that don’t fit the current theories about history, we should use them as the trigger to cause us to refine our view of what happened. As the ancient proverb says, “It’s the roof tiles with the cracks that let the light in.”

To form a new theory of history it is necessary to ascertain what parts of the current story are undeniably true, proven beyond doubt. These will have to be part of the new theory. Then focus on a few of the ‘uncomfortable facts’ that do not fit the current theory, and create ‘what-if’ ideas. Make a conjecture of a different underlying reality. See if that will encompass the undeniable and accepted parts of the current story and uncomfortable facts that are also undeniable. This may then provide a different interpretation of things that we observe, creating a different and better story. A story that is more successful in explaining all that we see in the world.

The story Gods, Genes and Climate makes just three conjectures about mankind’s past, which many may consider to be ‘way-out’ ideas that no right-thinking person could believe to be true. But what if they are true? Could we then construct a better story that is more successful in explaining the past?

The three conjectures of Gods, Genes and Climate are:

- That a small group of intelligent and technologically advanced beings arrived on Earth before early modern humans evolved their higher thinking capabilities.

- That these beings had very long lives, relative to human lives.

- That the poles of the Earth can and do shift, through the Earth’s crust moving over the Earth’s core.

Suspend your disbelief for a while, read the story, decide for yourself.