The View From 70

There is only one true story about human origins and how our current world has developed and works. My first book, Gods, Genes and Climate is a fun speculation to try to explain all that we see around us. It takes a perhaps outlandish proposition and explores what could have happened if it were true.

The View From 70 is being developed the other way, writing the story from what we know to be true. In doing this I do not have the constraints that academics have. I can use ideas that are new, that have yet to gain widespread agreement. This is necessary because science is too slow. It took more than 50 years for Wegener's ideas about continental drift to become accepted by mainstream geology. For all this period geologists were producing theories that did not take continental drift and plate tectonics into account. They were writing un-true or only partially true stories about the nature of the world.

In creating The View From 70 I am watching the very leading edge of discoveries and research, in the many diverse but linked areas of knowledge necessary to write the story of how the world developed and works. I rely on those brave individuals who put forward tentative ideas based on what they have found. I can't of course replicate their research so am taking their conclusions on trust. The View From 70 is my attempt to make sense of what we know, including those uncomfortable facts that mainstream science ignores or actively fights against. Just how did coal come to be formed in Antarctica when continental drift is inadequate to explain how that part of the Earth could have been sufficiently close to the Equator when the coal was formed? And how did the extensive signs of glaciation in India occur, given that 'snowball earth' theories that the ice cap extended to India cannot be justified by the fossil record. With so many validated examples of extra-sensory perception in the historical record, what role does it play in everyday life? As we know that all the matter that is around us is really energy waves, why do physicists persist in constructing their theories around particles, not waves? These and similar questions drive my curiosity.

What you will find in the linked pages in this section of the website is an outline of the developing story as I write it. I am also adding links to reference material and a bibliography. Links break as sources move, but please be assured that if I have linked to something that was published, it was there when I put the link in and I have a copy. Enjoy - and contribute if you know something I don't..