The Edge of Reality

At some point in the future I will attempt to commit to a book my thinking about the true nature of the ‘reality’ in which we live.

We construct the world, and our scientists explore the world, as material that exists independently of us. Yet we know that matter is just bundles of energy and that ‘the wave function collapses' as a result of an observation being made.

We believe that we live in ever-moving time, yet current physics does not include time in any of the mathematical descriptions of our universe. Physical phenomena appear to be able to happen equally well backwards in time as well as forwards.

We think that nothing can travel faster than light, yet particles can be entangled and immediately change each other regardless of distance. We think that the past and future are unreachable places, yet premonitions belie this.

Most scientists consider consciousness to be created and to exist in the chemicals and electrical interactions in our brains, yet consciousness can survive electrical brain-death. That consciousness extends out beyond our bodies is well attested by studies on extra-sensory perception, such as the sense of being stared at.

There are people who make their living from being psychic or having the ability to dowse. And some psychic phenomena such as poltergeists manifest themselves in tangible material ways.

And there are some good reasons to believe that we might be living in a holographic universe.

If you wish to explore these and similar thoughts, I recommend to you:

Rupert Sheldrake’s books; The Presence of the Past, Morphic Resonance, The Sense of Being Stared at, The Science Delusion and others.

Lee Smolin; The Trouble with Physics, Time Reborn and any new output he produces.

Micheal Talbot; Mysticism and the New Physics, The Holographic Universe.

Graham Hancock; Supernatural.