Learning and Schooling

My career, through many different roles, has been at the leading edge of how technology is changing learning and schooling. You will find insight into the impact of technology on learning and pedagogy in the following places.

Digital Evolution of Schooling - Most of my current writing is here, most done in conjunction with Mal Lee.

Broadie Associates - This website contains a collection of examples of the impact of technology on learning.

The Naace Third Millennium Learning Award. - I was the instigator of this Award and together with colleagues in Naace we have built a huge video evidence base on how schools are providing an education for their pupils that considerably surpasses good traditional learning - through the way that they use technology to change pupils’ and teachers’ attitudes to learning.

European Education Partnership - From 1997 to 2008 I led the European Education Partnership. You will find here much analysis of how technology can radically improve learning and educational institutions. I particularly recommend you to look at the analysis of the added-value from ICT analysis.