Appendix 1

In the book I have only provided a brief summary of this appendix, as it is more to do with the pre-thinking I engaged in to help me construct the story rather than an appendix that adds to the story.

In order to be able to assess whether artefacts that we find on Earth might be the work of ‘the gods’, I needed to think through how long-lived beings would go about constructing dwellings or other constructions they needed.

The appendix covers the following and is downloadable as a PDF file.

Appendix 1 – What kinds of evidence of the gods to look for.
- Assessing whether constructions and artefacts might be the work of the gods.
- Why our approaches to building don’t last.
- Building in wood.
- Building in brick.
- Building in concrete.
- Building in stone.
- What to look for – metal.
- What to look for – dating material.
- What to look for – foundations.
- What could ancient mankind have built? - quarrying.
- What could ancient mankind have built – transporting and erecting.
- Stone constructions beyond ancient mankind’s capabilities – Baalbeck.