Welcome to the land of fresh insights

The trouble with having a brain like mine is that I can’t let go of unexplained mysteries and logical discontinuities. Things that are observed that others ignore or push away for me remain as niggling doubts, as suggestions that we don’t understand aspects of the world as well as we should.

In this website and my publications you will find the eclectic collection of my attempts to explore and understand these mysteries and the unexplained. There are links to sources that are important and should not be forgotten. Some of these mysteries are about everyday life that is happening around us, such as near death experiences and the nature of consciousness. Others are scientific puzzles about observed phenomena, such as what on earth ball lightning is. And some are arcane, such as the incredibly precise cutting of very hard stone in times well before metal tools were available.

My observations on education and learning are from my own experiences visiting schools and talking with educators, underpinned by the 50+ hours of video from schools, produced by them for the Naace Third Millennium Learning Award, assesses and discussed with colleagues in Naace.

You may find the collection of diverse topics somewhat strange, but there is a connection. They are all about what we as human beings observe and how we relate these observations to what we think we have learnt about our world.

This is a work in progress. You will find some pages with only an outline of the topic to be written about. Life Insights is an ever growing blog which you may like to receive by email – when I get that set up.

I am indebted to the many others who have written about these edges of our understanding, whose works I have read over the past 65+ years. I hope that my attempts to add some fresh insights will aid development of understanding.