By day, I have been a stage-hand, carpenters’ assistant, film sound recordist, physics teacher, teacher trainer in the days when computers were just being introduced to schools, Education Marketing Manager for Acorn Computers, Chief Executive of the European Education Partnership, prime instigator of the Naace Third Millennium Learning Award and an independent consultant, helping schools to develop connected-world learning.

By night I have read eclectically about a huge range of topics that are on the edge of accepted knowledge in science, ancient history and archeology, always trying to tie the ideas and facts presented back into a true scientific basis. Balancing an open mind with a ‘skepticism threshold’, to avoid the untrue and speculations that have no basis, I endeavour to create fresh insights by bringing together the facts and ideas propounded in the books and articles I have read. My 50 years of exploration of the edges of knowledge is now being extended by new studies being published, particularly studies about the human genome, the past climate of the Earth and feats of construction in stone achieved well before humans could create metal tools.

The publications page takes you to the output of my various activities. The blog is where you will find reflections on thoughts and ideas I encounter and what I hope is some ‘wisdom’ from 70+ years on this earth.