ESP story

We were travelling in Europe, doing a sort of family grand tour. I must have been about 9, so it was late 1950s. We had no fixed itinerary and booked hotels when we arrived somewhere. So we could not be contacted, it was the days well before mobile phones.

One morning my mother woke extremely distressed. She was distressed and agitated all day, having had a very bad dream about her mother dying. She was eventually persuaded that it was just a dream. Her mother was in her 70s but had been well enough when we went away, and was living in a good old folks home. Calling the home to check was not really on the cards. International calling was difficult and expensive and there was no reason to worry except for the dream. We probably didn’t have the number written down with us, you kept numbers in the personal telephone numbers book by the phone. My mother recovered her spirits such that our holiday could recover, and we motored around Germany for a further week.

On our return on the car ferry through Dover, our car was pulled over as we drove off the ferry. The unloading officer explained that messages had been sent out on the BBC radio over the last week, as they did in those days. “If anybody knows the whereabouts of Mrs P Broadie, believed to be travelling in Germany, will they please ask her to get in touch with the care home, where her mother is dangerously ill’.

She phoned the care home, then we drove up to Manchester as fast as we could, straight to the care home.

Granny was able to recognise that she had come and goodbyes were said. Granny died 24 hours later.

It had been a week earlier, the night Mum had her dream, that Granny had the incident that put her on the way to dying.

I don’t think it was coincidence, I think it was an ESP communication.