In my book Gods, Genes and Climate I placed Atlantis in Antarctica. I did not research the possibility of an island in mid-Atlantic. There is now a very useful video that concisely presents the evidence for this on the Funny Olde World channel. It draws on evidence presented in much more detail by Randall Carlson.

I think that had I known this when writing the book I would have used this location for Atlantis. All the arguments in the book could equally well apply to this location, except perhaps for known forewarning of the location ceasing to be viable due to earth crust displacement. The sinking of the mid-atlantic island would have been caused by the tectonic plate changes due to melting of the Laurentide ice sheet. It is possible that this could have been predicted. If a civilisation knew about the earth crust displacement, they might also have known the tectonic plate would have tilted when the ice sheet melted on being moved nearer the equator.

Though in any event the island would have seemed to ‘sink below the waves’ as Plato described as soon as the flood happened, if it happened in the way I propose in the book. With the actual sinking happening over a longer time scale.