Science Insights

Science is beginning to catch up with what human experience has reported for thousands of years, and artefacts that defy explanation. This can shine a light on history, so there is a link here with my interest in archaeology.

If we found an advanced machine buried some place it could only have been buried thousands of years ago, we would be forced to admit that some technologically advanced people were on this earth at that time. Instead we find only the artefacts whose creation we cannot explain. and symbols and stories we probably misinterpret. I challenge you to consider, as I did in Gods, Genes and Climate, how a technologically advanced group might co-exist alongside ancient humans. And why they are not still here with their advanced science.

The science is often resisted by people who cannot face the upsets in current understanding that will result from knowing the true reality. They can also be strongly resisted by vested interests who academically rubbish ideas they do not like and big industries who fear the market disruption can make progression of research financially very difficult.

These pages are to put forward what I believe will come to be accepted in time. You will find mention of ideas which you may consider ‘fringe’, or in other words loony. Feynmann the famous physicist once told Lee Smolin, “Your idea cannot possibly be right. It’s not half crazy enough”.