Advanced Science

Evidence of ancient advanced science exists in many places in the world. It is perverse to reject this evidence and try to explain it away, as many do, rather than to seek to understand what it means. This is a list of examples that need explaining. They are in no particular order and for some hints are appearing as to whatt the science involved might be.

  • The massive ‘trilithon’ stone blocks at Baalbeck. How were they moved and assembled and why were some abandoned in the quarry.
  • The precision cutting of the stone boxes in the Serapeum.
  • The precision cutting of stone artefacts on Elephant island and the obvious power saw cuts in stone elsewhere in Egypt.
  • The stone in the quarries containing unfinished obelisks that appears to have been scooped out.
  • The likelihood that the shafts from the Great Pyramid kings chamber are waveguides. (See Chris Dunn’s research)
  • The precision stonework at Puma Punku.
  • The caduceus symbol that shows the entwined spirals of a tornado machine now being used in Malcolm Bendall’s thunderstorm generator.

The current scientific developments that are worth following as potentially showng how these things might have been achieved are:

  • Microwave drilling of stone,
  • Geopolymers.
  • The technology behind Malcolm Bendall’s thunderstorm generator.