A book such as Gods, Genes and Climate can only be written thanks to the numerous authors who have explored the different aspects of the story that I am trying to pull together into one story. It really is a case of trying to reach the sky by standing on the shoulders of giants. So I want to encourage you to read not just my book but those of the authors who have helped me bring the ideas together. 

The Bibliography in Gods, Genes and Climate lists a wide range of the source books that have contributed to the creation of this alternative history of the last 100,000 years.

In addition to the titles I also indicate the key elements that each book contributes to my theory of an alternative history. And I provide some warnings about content I feel to be unsupported by the facts.

In researching this field one is often treading the fine line between well-researched new insights and rather crack-pot theories where speculation is allowed to run way beyond what the facts actually say. Nevertheless some of these highly speculative books – that go all the way back to Von Daniken’s ‘In Search of Ancient Gods’ – contain useful nuggets of information and thoughts, and often illustrations of ancient artefacts you can make up your own mind about.

I hope you will use the books listed to make your own exploratory journey into the mysteries.